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The webinar series includes a range of expert speakers, passionate about helping you improve the efficiencies, effectiveness and profitability of your business, who will share their personal experience of working in the fitness and recreation industries, along with the tricks and tools they’ve picked up on the way. 

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Adam Posner

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Point of Loyalty

FRIDAY, 28 MAY 2021
9am – 10am AEDT

Adam Posner is a customer loyalty, rewards and retention program specialist. He has been a data-driven marketer for over 27 years.

The Point of Loyalty is dedicated to building thriving loyalty and rewards program assets based on balancing three tensions – meaningful and desirable to members; profitable and sustainable for the business and believed in by the team

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Markos Kern

Shaping the Future of Sports with Physical Gaming - Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker


For almost two decades Markos Aristides Kern has been in the creative field, using a holistic approach and deep expertise to realise extraordinary ideas and unique solutions.

This is what makes him one of the best experts for innovation and creativity, and these skills mixed with technology let him to start Fun With Balls, an adventure that is shaping the future of Sports and will contribute to provide a solution to the problems of our Society living the digital era, in particular for the younger generation.

Annette Franz

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, CX Journey Inc

Increase Member Retention Using the Amazon Effect
9am – 10am AEDT

Customer experience is the only true competitive advantage for businesses today. After all, it’s all about the customer! It’s the reason companies are in business. Customer experience leaders – those brands that excel at both employee experience and customer experience – are growing five times faster than the competition, and customer are, increasingly, choosing to do business with companies that provide an easier, more convenient, and more seamless experience. 

Many of the expectations that customers have about experiences today – regardless of industry – stem from their experiences with Amazon. The disruption that Amazon has created in the retail space has bled into other industries and has become the frame of reference for customers’ experiences across verticals. This has become known as the Amazon Effect.

Annette Franz has more than 25 years of experience (both client side and vendor side) helping companies understand their employees and customers, identifying what drives retention, satisfaction, engagement, and the overall experience, and designing customer experience strategies to deliver a better experience for all constituents.

Annette was named one of “The 100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter” by Business Insider and is regularly recognized as a top thought leader in Customer Experience.

Jonathan Weiner

Founder, JW Consulting & Author 'Getting It Right! Lessons on Insight-Driven Marketing Strategy'

Q&A with Jonathan Weiner
Insight Driven Marketing & What it could mean for your fitness business

In this Q&A session Fitness Industry Tech Summit Founder, Justin ‘JT’ Tamsett will sit down with acclaimed author Jonathan Weiner for a not-to-be-missed deep dive into all things marketing strategy where the customer is front and center.

After this session you will:

  • Understand the power of insights and how they can be applied to targeting, branding, strategy, integrated marketing, and growth
  • Know that there is nothing more important than understanding the marketplace, your consumer, knowing how to spend your money, and where to spend it for impact
  • Benefit from Jonathan’s lessons learned and ‘watch-outs’ from marketing and marketing research at Fortune 500 companies, and with some of the biggest brands and new product innovations in the world

Jonathan Weiner is an author, insight driven leader, marketer, innovator, brand and ‘voice of the customer’ advocate. He has over 35 years of marketing and marketing research experience working in multiple categories and with some of the world’s largest brands. His book ‘Getting It Right! Lessons on Insight-Driven Marketing Strategy” is the full expression of his end-to-end approach to driving marketing strategy and product-market fit.

Jonathan founded JW Consulting in 2017. JWCo is a full service marketing and marketing research consulting firm assisting growth-focused companies with marketing & innovation strategy, and end-to-end product-market fit identification.

Ted Vickey

Fitness Technology Distruptologist President & Chief Exercise Officer, FitWell

Fitness Technology: Making it work for staff, members and clients

When Dr. Ted Vickey isn’t running his company—FitWell, Inc.—or teaching master level classes in Kinesiology at Point Loma University where he is a professor, you will find him on the golf course, tinkering with fitness and health gadgets, or enjoying a long walk on a Southern California beach.

Ted’s current enterprise, FitWell, Inc., focuses on working with companies (ranging from startups to established businesses) within the health, fitness and wellness space, creating strategies for the effective use of technology to improve the lives of their customers.

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