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Fitness Technology: Making it work for staff, members and clients with Ted Vickery

This webinar will inspire you to dive deeper into various tech routes in your business.

Ted runs through embracing technology in how you deliver services to your clients.  He shares apps, platforms and future tech that we need to embrace as many of our members have already embraced it!

Insight Driven Marketing with Jonathan Weiner

This webinar will unravel where you need to look to build your marketing model.

This webinar is about taking the right and necessary steps to create a customer-centric marketing strategy. Jonathan shares frameworks for understanding the power of insights and how they can be applied to targeting, branding, strategy, integrated marketing, and growth. You’ll learn that there is nothing more important than understanding the marketplace, your consumer, knowing how to spend your money, and where to spend it.

Increase Member Retention Using The Amazon Effect with Annette Franz

This webinar will solve the challenges of thinking like your members to make the right decisions.

Customer experience is the only true competitive advantage for businesses today. After all, it’s all about the customer! It’s the reason companies are in business. Customer experience leaders are growing five times faster than the competition, and customer are, increasingly, choosing to do business with companies that provide an easier, more convenient, and more seamless experience. That is, how you use technology!

Shaping the Future of Sports with Physical Gaming with Markos Kearn

This webinar will open your eyes up to gamification and opportunities to get the young moving with cool technology.

Markos Kearn is an expert in innovation and creativity, and these skills mixed with technology let him to start Fun With Balls, an adventure that is shaping the future of fitness and sports. He shares a solution to the problems of our society living the digital era, in particular for the younger generation.

The Point of Loyalty with Adam Posner

The webinar will change your perspective on ‘loyalty’ in your business and how you reward it.

The Point of Loyalty is dedicated to building thriving loyalty and rewards program assets based on balancing three tensions – meaningful and desirable to members; profitable and sustainable for the business and believed in by the team

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How Technology Unlocks Exercise Being Medicine For You with Dr Cam McDonald

Health technology is here and can enhance opportunities in the fitness industry. From understanding precisely the movement that is going to elicit the best response to treat disease and support best mental performance, the integration of wearables & real time feedback, right through to optimising the fitness professionals impact within medical and allied health care through faster communication, collaboration and alignment of treatments. This is the new untouched frontier for the fitness industry.  Tech is here!  It’s going to be thinking on its own, and it’s combination with the irreplaceable human touch is the way we can use it to live up to its potential of reversing and preventing disease, while maximising an individual’s life!

Building Your Ecosystem of Engagement with Troy Morgan

In a world where consumers interact with digital services at every turn, digital disruption allows us to bring personalised experiences to our customers. 

How can fitness businesses evolve to become an essential part of our customers’ every day, and how can data and automation enable us to re-imagine the customer journey?

The Fitness Industry: Recovery by the Data with James Ellender

What an 18 months we have had in business! Behind the scenes there has been data tracking member and consumer movements and in this session you will hear industry statistics for you to see if you are above or below standards. We all know the world of fitness and recreation has changed dramatically since COVID and the ensuing 18 months, there are powerful insights being told through aggregated sector-wide data that the Fitness and Recreation Industry that you must stop and take notice of.  At this end of this session you’ll see exactly where the growth is internally & externally.

Panel: Tech Tips to Turn Your Business Virtual

  • Amanda Bracks | Owner, Soulful Fitness
  • Matt Fletcher | Founder, GoPT
  • Colette McShane | Founder & CEO, The HIIT Factory
  • Gary Arnstein | Co-Founder, The HIIT Factory

How Do We Digitalize Onsite & Monetize Offsite with Darren Elkin & Brett Turner

This session will share how you can use digital in your facility for closing the gap between onsite experience and online experience.  You can use digital to generate additional revenue and reach further into your community.  

You will hear what to do, how to do it and case studies on who has done it successfully.


Building Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Rachael Dao

As consumer behaviour evolves with more trade occurring via mobile and online, the marketplace continues to become increasingly crowded with more of your competitors trying to attract the same consumer.  What differentiates your business today is no longer the ability to advertise, but instead the ability to strategically place yourself in front of the right audience, with the right message, at the right time, whilst standing out from competitors with similar intentions.

In this session, we’ll look at:

  • Changes in the advertising landscape and consumer behaviour in the last 24 months
  • The marketing funnel and the key components of your digital marketing strategy
  • Learn to use your data more strategically to make better marketing decisions for your business
  • How to get in front of your target market better


Getting the Most from Google with Margaret Ornsby

In this session, we look at why Google My business can be more important than the home page of your website.

Margaret will also show you how to get better results on Google’s other search engine and teach you the common “gotchas” that may cause your listing to get suspended.

She’ll give you some top tips on handling customer reviews and discuss how your website can make or break your listing.

You will come away with a checklist for ensuring your GMB listing can do its fair share of the heavy lifting of getting new members. 

What have the last 12 months taught us?

This is a panel with industry experts and suppliers who share what they have seen and what they predict to happen in 2022. Watch and learn from: 

  • Ian from Keepme
  • Emmett from Myzone
  • Tony from Wellness Solutions Global
  • Matt from XBody Australia Official
  • Owen from Coach Welly

What have the last 12 months taught us about our consumers?

This is a panel with club, studio and boutique owners who share what they have done during the pandemic to keep their business moving forward.

They share specific ideas, strategies and concepts that can be used by you right now!

Watch and learn from:

  • Benjamin Lucas from Flow Athletic
  • Sean O’Shea from Performance Personal Training
  • Adala Bolto from ZADI Training
  • Troy Morgan from Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre

9 technology lessons you have to follow in 2022 with JT

When you straddle across Australia and the US, you get ring side seats as the industry evolves and boy has there been evolution in the past 24 months. I have spent squllions of hours on tech to learn about tech and in this webinar I will cut straight to the chase with my thoughts on the future predictions, warnings for your use of technology and giving you a little nudge on you tech leadership!

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